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Fundraisers on Mothers Day

Fundraising Events around Australia on Mothers Day

Mothers Day provides an opportunity for some focus to be placed on diseases that particularly affect women such as Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer in addition to issues that women face that have social, economic and health consequences such as mental health, violence against women and issues facing single mothers.

Aside from celebrating Mothers Day the opportunity presents itself to highlight some of these issues through a combination of awareness and importantly much needed fundraising for essential research.

At Mothers Day we recognize the great need to raise funds for worthy causes and organizations that are dedicated to improving women's health and wellbeing hence we have listed here some of the fundraising efforts taking place on Mothers Day and indeed at other times throughout the year. Also are listed other Mothers Day events of special significance to Mothers.

Mothers Day Classic : The Mother's Day Classic is an annual event across Australia to do something active and fun on Mother's day, while remembering those who have been affected by or who are living with breast cancer and raising money for breast cancer research.

There are events in all the major cities and dozens of towns across Australia. See the event website (linked to below) to find a Mother's Day Classic close to you. Here is the link to the Mothers Day Classic Events

The Australia and New Zealand Breast Cancer Trials Group (ANZBCTG) : This organization conducts a Mothers Day Appeal to raise funds for its research to find a cure for Breast Cancer. It is one of the most successful, respected and longest established breast cancer research groups in the world. It is the largest independent, oncology clinical trials research group in Australia and New Zealand and for more than 35 years has conducted clinical trials for the treatment, prevention and cure of breast cancer. This is the link to their Mothers Day Appeal

World Vision Mothers Day Appeal :  Help more mums celebrate Mother's Day banner

Mother’s Day is a time for remembering and celebrating mothers across the world. It’s a day of joy – giving thanks for their love and sacrifice.  But Mother’s Day can also be a difficult day – especially for those who have lost their mother, or a child. World Vision conducts an annual Mothers Day Appeal in Australia to raise funds for its cause - here is their link World Vision, Mothers Day Appeal

Pregnancy Loss Australia: Bereaved Mothers Day High Tea : At PLA we know how very hard mother's day can be and to acknowledge that you are and always will be a mother we host very special days across the country to acknowledge and honour all mothers.

We have hosted wonderful pamper days, amazing high teas and even beautiful butterfly releases. To treat yourself to a very special day this mother's day please join us at one of our very special events. Find out more information about these special Mothers Day Events here Bereaved Mothers Hight Tea         

Plant a Tree for Mum: Mother’s Day memorial tree planting expands to new areas.In the eleven years since Trees for Mum was created, more than 30,000 sons and daughters have planted trees for their mums, mostly as a tribute to mums who have passed away.

This year, as a result of Trees for Mum’s partnership with Landcare Australia, even more people will have the opportunity to plant trees in their communities, nurturing the environment and creating living legacies for so many mums. You can find more information here Trees for Mum’s

Animals Mothers Day Appeal: Mother Nature created a very special connection between mother and baby. This bond is of course not unique to humans, yet sadly, some of the most sensitive mothers in the animal kingdom will be forced to spend this Mother's Day — and every other day — imprisoned within the walls of factory farms. This is the link to their Mothers Day Appeal

Compassion Australia: On the second Sunday of May every year, we take the time to celebrate mothers and all of the incredible things they have done and continue to do for us. To celebrate, we’ve picked 10 of our favourite photos of mothers involved in Compassion’s programs to share with you! If you’d like to help support mothers living in poverty, you can donate to Compassion’s Child Survival Program. Link to Compassion Australia Mothers Day page



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