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The following research articles sourced by show just how much we spend on Mothers Day Gifts and what we spend our money on and indeed how much we don't know about our approach to this special day.


Forget the chocolates, cancel the chrysanthemums and don’t worry about a card. Australian mums say a simple ‘thank you’ is the best gift they could receive on Mothers Day.

According to a survey commissioned by Procter & Gamble to measure attitudes to gratitude across Asia, we don’t need to spend a lot to please our mums. Simple words of gratitude are more than enough with Australian mums preferring that over flowers, clothing, jewellery, restaurant meals, help around the house or even holidays.

However when it comes to saying thank you Australians are a slack bunch. Almost 20% of Australian respondents could not even remember the last time they thanked their mum and only 13% thank their mum daily.

The research uncovered interesting attitude and behavioral patterns among Australians when it comes to showing their gratitude to their mums:

* Australian respondents are most likely to express their gratitude to their mum just once a week. Despite this, 77% agree that their mum has made many sacrifices for them and 78% say they have a close relationship with their mum.
* It seems we have good intentions though: 68% of Australian respondents think mums deserve to be thanked every day. It’s just that we don’t seem to get around to it.
* Half of Australian respondents reported giving mum ‘something she likes’ such as flowers, new clothes or jewelry as the best thing done on Mothers Day but only 22% of mums said they actually wanted to receive this. Just on 35% of mums say they would just like to hear ‘thank you’ on Mother’s Day.
* What mums want is a simple thank you on Mother’s Day but only 42% of mums in Australia have ever received this on this special day.
* Interestingly, of those respondents who are mums, 69% said being a mum makes them appreciate what their own mum did for them more now as a result.
* Mums deserve our thanks: 63% of those respondents who are mums say that it is difficult to be a mum. The number one sacrifice they say they have made in being a mum is not being able to buy things for themselves, followed by no longer being able to choose holiday destinations they would personally prefer to go to. A lack of social life was a sacrifice made by 47% of mums.

According to celebrity mum of two Rachael Beck, a simple thank you can make all the difference. “I agree with those surveyed as part of the P&G Attitude to Gratitude study. Being a mum is tough, especially if you’re juggling work and family life. As mums we care for our children without any expectations. But a little thank you and a sweet smile makes it all worthwhile. This Mother’s Day I’m looking forward to a big thank you hug from Talluleh and Roxie along with tea and toast in bed.”

This survey is an extension of the P&G Thank You Mum campaign launched globally in April to celebrate and honor mums of London 2012 Olympians. Spurred by these results, P&G has created a special online tool to help people thank their mums.


What we Spend on Mothers Day Gifts

IBISWorld predicts that overall retail spending will be up 3.9% for Mothers Day this year, with online vouchers coming in as one of the most popular gifts.

Australian mothers can look forward to being indulged just a little more on Mother’s Day this year, with market research firm IBISWorld predicting an overall retail spend of $1.36 billion, up 3.9 percent.

This figure is based on an average spend of $88, compared to $85 dollars last year, with men and younger adults recognised as the biggest spenders. Figures in the US show that men outspend women by around 60 percent when it comes to purchasing gifts for Mothers Day, a trend that is expected to be echoed by Australians.

Unfortunately for fathers, Australians usually spend almost double the amount on Mum than they will on Dad when Father’s Day comes around.

General Manager of IBISWorld Australia, Karen Dobie, said gift cards – in particular, online vouchers from group buying websites – will top the list of Mothers Day gifts for the second year running.

“This is one of the fastest growing segments within the online space. Competitive local players including Cudo, Spreets, Ozsale and CatchOfTheDay will have a raft of Mothers Day specials to entice new customers,” Dobie said.

In a departure from last year’s trends, IBISWorld predicts that the high Australian dollar and strong online sales may fuel growth in clothing purchases by as much as 7.1 percent. The growth of gift card and voucher purchases will also contribute a flow-on effect to the clothing industry.

“One change this year may be the number of mothers unwrapping an item of clothing purchased overseas, as e-commerce expert kids seek better value for money – and make the most of cheap postage – by patronising major overseas online retailers,” said Dobie.

Have you developed promotions to target gift shoppers for Mother’s Day? Perhaps introducing an online gift card may be a sensible move for capturing more customers.


The day dedicated to showing our mums how much we appreciate them is almost upon us, and many Australians are planning to mark the occasion with a well-timed gift or meal.

Sunday, May 11 is Mothers Day this year (2014) and recent figures released by IBISWorld show Australian children are preparing to be more generous than ever to celebrate their mums.

In a report released on April 29 2014, IBISWorld revealed total spending in the lead-up to Mothers Day is expected to reach over $1.4 billion, which is an increase of 2.9 per cent on last year’s amount. This accounts for an individual spend of $61.31 per appreciative child, which is more than twice what Australians spent on Dad for Father’s Day last year!

“There are many reasons why spending on mothers is higher than spending on fathers, including the perceived lack of gift options available for Dad,” IBISWorld Australia General Manager Dan Ruthven explained.

“Whereas food, alcohol, sporting goods and the stalwart hankie and sock gift pack are seen as the presents of choice for Dad, Mum enjoys a far broader selection from bouquets to bottles of champagne, perfume and spa treatments.”

What will mothers receive?

If you’re wondering what to buy your matriarch this Mothers Day, or are curious about what your kids may be spending on you, the safest bet would be a special brunch or dinner to celebrate the occasion.

According to the IBISWorld report, buying mum a meal is expected to create more than $310 million in revenue of restaurants and cafes this weekend, which is a 4.3 per cent increase on last year’s figures. This is much higher than any other sector or industry, with spending on flowers sitting on second place with just $199 million this year.

“Eating out is easy to organise, relaxing for the entire family and can offer great value for money. Dining complements giving well and therefore it is often organised in addition to a present,” Mr Ruthven said.

In addition to treating mum to lunch or dinner, Aussie’s are expected to be pulling out the credit card in favour of purchasing homeware and electrical goods for their mothers this year. While more practical gifts can be considered unoriginal and unimpassioned, kitchen appliances are tipped to be big sellers for Mothers Day this year.

“Mums typically love making a house a home. As a result, many children are willing to risk perceived impersonal gifts and opt for something functional, especially as Mum pursues her goals as the homemaker and career woman,” said Mr Ruthven.

Other popular gifts include the traditional flowers, cards and perfumes. Additionally, many children are planning to treat their mother to a pampering experience – such as a trip to spa, hair dresser or nail salon.

What are you buying your mum this Mother’s Day


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