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Mothers Day Australia 2019

- Sunday May 12th

Give Your Mother a SPECIAL Mother's Day Gift

Mother's Day 2019 in Australia will be held on Sunday 12th May which is the second Sunday in May, the day traditionally set aside for Mother's Day.

'Unique' Gifts for your Mum to Treasure Forever

message pendants

Stunning 'Unique' Message Pendant Necklaces

Artisan Crafted 925 Sterling Silver 'Unique' Message Pendant Necklaces that you can insert a 'special' message to your Mum into - various Gemstones to choose from - blank message scroll included - a superb Unique Mother's Day Gift Idea with your Mother wearing your message of love - Grandchildren can also give these stunning pendants to their Grandmother with a message or drawing inserted.

chiming harmony ball

Stunning Chiming Harmony Ball Necklaces

Artisan Crafted 925 Sterling Silver Chiming Harmony Ball Necklaces that create a wonderful soft 'chime' sound with movement. Hand crafted with wonderful detail many have Genuine Birthstone Gemstones and all are a Unique Mother's Day Gift Idea

chiming harmony ball

chiming harmony ball

chiming harmony ball

chiming harmony ball

tree of life jewellery

Wonderful 'Tree of Life' Jewellery

Wonderful range of Beautiful 'Tree of Life' Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings and Pendants, many with Genuine Gemstones making these Wonderful Mother's Day Gift Ideas


Gorgeous Earrings

Wonderful range of Stunning Earrings, many with Genuine Gemstones, including Stud Earrings, Pearl Earrings and Clip On Earrings - an Excellent Mother's Day Gift Idea

sterling silver rings

Gorgeous Sterling Silver Rings

Simply stunning 925 Sterling Silver Rings many with fabulous Genuine Gemstones. Individually Artisan Crafted, each ring makes a simply Beautiful Mother's Day Gift Idea

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